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Real estate is the foundation for many enterprises across a range of sectors and Real Estate transactions with an objective for investment have become more complex and are often structured in a complex fashion featuring cross-border elements.

Leading global investors, individuals, developers, and financial institutions with major space requirements choose us to advise on their largest and most complex or multi - jurisdictional real estate transactions and disputes.

Properties and Law are terminologies which are co-hesive and coherent. Hence it is impossible to deal, buy or transact in a property without crossing the legal frames. has made its legal section an imperative part of its Realty Advisory Service.

Young, smart, dynamic and proficient lawyers forming part of the legal team handle all the legal issues that may come up, with a smile.

The overwhelming success of the legal cell of the company in handling the legal matters in all its property/ real estate transactions has prompted the firm to open an exclusive legal division to handle legal matters pertaining to real estate irrespective of the fact if the property is procured through the Company or not. is the legal cell of formed mainly to take care and handle the following legal issues :

Due Diligence/ Property Investigation
Registration of Properties
General Documentation
Project Appraisal
Contract Negotiation
Deeds & Contract
Dispute Settlement
Company Transfer & Takeovers
Company Incorporation