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November 30, 2017
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December 1, 2017

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Shantaramji returned home after a tiring day. His electricity lines had just been restored as he could pay his bills after a weeklong disconnection. Shantaramji has struck a property deal that day with Mohan Babu and he had got his Rs.200/- as commission.

Shantaramji had very limited resources and operated within his limited contact. This was the scenario of most Retro Real Estate Brokers in the 60s.

With the turn of the century the real estate brokerage system has totally changed. Computers and internet have opened the doors of online information. Gone are the days of Shantaramji. If, you need a property, just click the Google on your Android or Iphone – you have the buyers, the sellers and the price at your fingertips.

The numerous portals have opened an ocean of opportunities to the traditional brokers. When thousands had to be spent for a limited publicity with few hundreds one can access the world. The real estate portals have made the real estate market more professional and have only given a challenge to those working on a monopolistic market.

The Real Estate Portal is not a broker’s competitor; to the contrary it is the broker’s friend. It is an efficient vehicle for the Brokers to reach their information to the mass. With the immense popularity of these portals you may find one or the other coming up every day. The Real Estate Portals can never eliminate brokers but can work as a catalyst to the growth and development of the real estate fraternity as a whole.

For Brokers who have reinvented and adapted an online base, have only gained in expanding their business by reaching to a wider audience spread globally at a low cost and in minimal time. This is the age of information and when the client receives it first hand, it reciprocates in confidence and trust towards the source.

An online Portal could bring in transparency with wide choice of listings; better form of information like videos, images; ease to compare and shortlist the property options. The presence of the broker is not just during the working hours as the portals are there for 24 hours, seven days a week with no additional fees or cost.

One may defend the old school brokers saying that portals lack personal interaction, may have ambiguous and misguiding information, may be theoretical then practical, judgment and trust building cannot be done by reading mere information as you need a professional guide who says ‘I know and I will take care’

A consumer may spend hours searching properties online, but when the question of spending money comes, someone with a personal touch has to be in the picture. The blend of the online portal and the offline broker with a garnish of a personal touch, trust and professionalism is what we call A Personalized Professional service (PPS).

PPS is a highly successful concept brought to India by us first. The Privilege to enjoy the purchase and sale of properties from far away land while the Brokers take personal care of all the ‘nittigritties’ in the most professional manner. One of our Clients from UK said“that they say stress of buying a property is almost equivalent to the stress of going through a divorce!Surprisingly we did not feel that pressure; on the contrary we were quite relaxed”.

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